Local initiatives on nutrition, food & health

Local initiatives on nutrition, food & health 

Encouraging and disseminating scientific works on food & nutrition are the primary ways for the Danone Institutes to promote healthy behaviors. Locally, this may goes through different iniatives:   conferences, publications, training or formation…

You will find below some of the local actual conferences, operations or publications.

Contact your local Danone Institute to know more about their local nutrition and health initiatives.

Symposium and workshops

DI France – Webinar “Better characterize changes in human lifestyles and their impact on physiology”

DI France will organize its next  webinar, on December 15th, 2020 at 1pm.
We will review new scientific evidence to better understand the effects of the epidemiological transition from an active rural lifestyle to a more sedentary urban lifestyle. The two 2017 winners of the Research Award for Food Science have studied the effects of this transition in African countries, as they are currently experiencing it, whereas in Western countries this phenomenon began in the late 19th century with industrialization and ended in the 1970s.
More information and registration link on DI France website.

DI Spain – Symposium “Alimentación, Salud y Sostenibilidad”

Danone Institute Spain, Simposio, “Alimentación, Salud y Sostenibilidad”

In recent years, the need to design and implement initiatives aimed at generating social change towards responsible consumption has become apparent. In addition, there has been an important evolution in scientific production aimed at analyzing the global context and the impact of eating patterns on health and the environment.
For this reason, Danone Institute Spain organizes a e-symposium “Food, health and sustainability”, from November 9 to 10, 2020 to analyze these aspects and to know some of the lines that have to help to give answer to the main challenges in the research.
> More information on the Danone Institute Spain website.

DI Southern Cone – Symposium “Fermented food and fermentation in Nutrition and Health”

The Danone Institute Southern Cone organized a symposium in October 17, 2019 in Buenos Aires, under  the topic “Fermented Food and Fermentation in Nutrition and Health”.  The symposium program:

  • Intestinal microbiota and health. Dr. Gonzalo Pérez Marc – Children’s Gastroenterology Service | Military hospital
  • Kefir and other traditional fermented foods, what should we know? Dr. Analía Abraham – Center for Research and Development in Food Cryotechnology | CONICET
  • Why fermented foods in food guides? Dr. Gabriel Vinderola – Institute of Industrial Lactology | CONICET – UNL
  • From the forest to the factory: the adventure of a Patagonian yeast. Dr. Lucía Alvarez – IPATEC | CONICET – UNComahue
  • Safety of fermented foods. Dr. Juan Martín Oteiza – Center for Research and Technical Assistance to Industries | CONICET

> For more information, you can access DI Southern Cone publications (in Spanish) and specifically the last publication associated to this symposium on fermented foods.

DI France – Workshop “Sedentarity, a silent threat for public health”

DI France workshop - sedentarityA workshop has been organized by the Danone Institute France, in Nov. 28, 2019 as part of the French Nutrition Congress (Rennes, France). The workshop  had the following interventions:

  • Physical activity and sedentary lifestyle: what are we talking about? Audrey Bergouignan (Hubert Curien Institute, CNRS, Strasbourg)
  • Activity behaviors: what implication from an early age. David Thivel (HDR, Clermont-Ferrand)

> More information are available on the DI France website

DI Japan Foundation – Nutrition Forum

The DI Japan Foundation organizes every year its Nutrition Forum. The 21st Danone Nutrition Forum “Realization of healthy longevity society and the role of national registered dieticians” was held on September 14th, 2019. 620 participants were gathered and learned together with the speakers about initiatives for realization of successful aging society.

> For more information on the DI Japan Foundation website

DI Russia – Conferences on “Nurturing healthy eating habits in children”

DI Russia organized two conferences in October and November 2019 :

  • “Nurturing Healthy eating habits from baby onwards creates basis for healthy life”, during the Health Forum in Minsk (Belorussia),  in October 2019.
  • “Nurturing healthy eating habits in children”, during the Pediatric Forum in St.Petersburg (Russia) with the report by main dietician of North-West region on Kids & school children nutrition including Healthy eating habits and family role.


Publications and newsletters

DI Southern Cone – publications

Danone Institute South Cone publicationsAll the titles of the DISC collection are freely available to any member of the community aiming at nurturing their knowledge, following the reflection triggered by the authors and, in the end, capitalizing on their learnings to better contribute to peoples’ health.

> You can access to all publications in Spanish on the website.



DI China – Nutrition newsletter

DI China publishes regurlarly a Nutrition newsletter dedicated to health professionals. For example, the 44th Issue of “Nutrition Newsletter” is focusing on “Health education and health promotion: theory and effective approaches“.

> The publication is available online on DI China website

DI France – Newsletter “Objectif Alimentation”

Health and well-being have always been part of the main topic of the DI France. For more than 20 years, the DI France has published a newsletter dedicated to health professionals, available on the DI France website and which was sent to more than 20 000 subscribers. This year, the DI France has renewed this newsletter and proposed the first edition of the new “Objectif Alimentation”.

> The document (in French), is available on the DI France website.