Local initiatives on nutrition, food & health

Local initiatives on nutrition, food & health 

Encouraging and disseminating scientific works on food & nutrition are the primary ways for the Danone Institutes to promote healthy behaviors. Locally, this may goes through different iniatives:   conferences, publications, training or formation…

You will find below some of the local actual conferences, operations or publications.

Contact your local Danone Institute to know more about their local nutrition and health initiatives.

Cono Sur – New book “El Yogur un alimento milenario a la luz del siglo XXI”


DI Cono Sur has just published a book “El Yogur, un alimento milenario a la luz del siglo XXI”.

This book is the result of a large collaboration with different expertises in public health, nutrition, pediatric, biochemistry, microbiology etc…


Feel free to discover and download the book on DI Cono Sur website.

China – Nutrition newsletter

DI China publishes regurlarly a Nutrition newsletter dedicated to health professionals. The 44th Issue of “Nutrition Newsletter” is focusing on “Health education and health promotion: theory and effective approaches“. The publication is available online on DI China website

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China – Symposium

On October 11 and 12, 2018, Qingdao hosted the 21st annual conference of the Chinese Danone Nutrition Center: “The Science behind Salt Reduction”.  The event was the occasion to focus on the beneficial effects on health and techniques for reducing the amount of salt.  The event served as a wit-gathering event that facilitated exchanges of academic researches centering on China’s “Three Reductions” initiatives.

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France – Newsletter “Objectif Alimentation”

Health and well-being have always been part of the main topic of the DI France. For more than 20 years, the DI France has published a newsletter dedicated to health professionals, available on the DI France website and which was sent to more than 20 000 subscribers. This year, the DI France has renewed this newsletter and proposed the first edition of the new “Objectif Alimentation”.

The document (in French), is available on the DI France website.

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France – Conference “How are food choices made?”

DI France has organize its yearly scientific workshop, during the National French Congress of Nutrition, on November, 29th, 2018 in Nice. The conference “How are food choices made? From Neolithic to present day…” was the occasion to present the work of Sophie Nicklaus, laureate of the Danone International Prize for Alimentation and Gwenaelle Goude, laureate of the 2015 DI France Research Prize.

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Indonesia – Real-time Manuscript Writing Workshop

The Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition and HEC Press Publisher conducted “the 1st Real-time Manuscript Writing Workshop” in 2016. The writing initiative gathered 20 participants from varied academic and research institutions. The Supplement of this workshop was published in Special Issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 25, Supplement 1, December 2016.

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Japan – Nutrition Forum

The DI Japan Foundation organizes every year its Nutrition Forum. The 2018 Edition happened on September 8th, 2018, in Tokyo. This year topic: “Sport Nutrition for a better health and improved exercise capacity”

The next Forum will be organized on September 14th, 2019 on the topic “Healthy aging: the key role of nutrition (title to be confirmed)”.

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Mexico – Nutrition Forum 2019

DI Mexico was present at the 2019 Nutrition Forum, organized in Mexico, from February 13 to 14th, 2019.

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