Nutrition, food & health

Nutrition, food and health

The missions of the Danone Institute international are to promote human health, internationally, by developing and disseminating knowledge about the links between food and human health and to highlight the importance of food and nutrition in human health with a focus on yogurt among other food groups.

This goes through different initiatives:

Organization of international conferences and symposia about food, nutrition & health

Danone Institute International participate regularly to the main international nutrition, health, public health congresses and organizes symposia on different topics on food, nutrition and health. The recent topics are more focused on health effects of yogurt or nurturing children’s healthy eating habits.

Discover more about the conferences and see some of those conferences online.


Scientific publications or collaborative editions

Through dedicated international working groups, the Danone Institute International publishes scientific synthesis on specific topics linked to Nutrition and Health.


The Yogurt in Nutrition: Initiative for a Balanced Diet

The Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for a balanced diet is a long-term scientific collaboration between the American Society for Nutrition and the Danone Institute International with the mission to advance scientific knowledge on the benefits of yogurt and disseminate the findings broadly.