Danone Institute: nutrition for health

Danone Institute: nutrition for health

The Danone Institute International gathers a network of  Danone Institutes (10 local Institutes and 1 International). The Danone Institutes are present in several countries and gather a groupe of multidisciplinary experts around the World (nutritionists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, scientists, sociologists…). All Danone Institutes are non-profit organizations, dedicated to non-commercial activities.

The Danone Institute International, with the support of its global network, undertake specific activities in the field of nutrition research, education and training.

The main activities of the Danone Institute International (DII) in the fields of food and nutrition for health are:

The Danone International Prize for Alimentation (DIPA)

Danone Institute International has created a new prize for Alimentation to reward mid-career scientists for pioneering research. Called the Danone International Prize for Alimentation (DIPA), the award replaces the long-standing Danone International Prize for Nutrition. The DIPA is awarded every two years, by the Danone Institute International and the French Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM).

In a far-reaching initiative to achieve ground-breaking benefits to public health, this prize is being opened to mid-career researchers.

The purpose of the DIPA is to encourage and support cutting edge, innovative and multidisciplinary scientific research in Alimentation, the umbrella term for sustainable eating and drinking practices that contribute to the health of individuals, including food choice, purchase, preparation, cooking and meal organisation, and their determinants.

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Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for sustainable and balanced diets

Yogurt in nutrition initiative for sustainable and balanced dietsThe Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for Sustainable and Balanced Diets is funded by the Danone Institute International.

It aims to evaluate and share the current evidence base on the place of yogurt in sustainable healthy diets.

The mission of the initiative is:

  • to uncover scientific data, stimulate new research and identify gaps in our understanding of the place of yogurt in sustainable healthy diets
  • and disseminate broadly this information to professionals and general public

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Nurturing Children’s healthy eating

Future global health depends on the health of today’s children. Those children who establish healthy eating and activity behaviours early in life are well-equipped to maintain their good health far into adult life.

Nurturing healthy habits in our children therefore offers a fantastic opportunity to make inroads into important public health concerns such as tackling the worldwide epidemic of overweight and obesity, and their associated health consequences.
With this in mind, Danone Institute International (DII) has joined forces with experts in the field to develop a unique perspective on the topic through publications and conferences.

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The Danone Institute International organization

The Danone Institute International gathers experts around the World.

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