Nutrition education tools

Nutrition education and information tools 

Education professionals can play an important role in promoting healthy eating habits to the general public, particularly among children. For this reason, the Danone Institutes, in collaboration with multidisciplinary groups of experts such as education professionals, pediatricians, dieticians or psychologists, have developed several education tools for teachers and schools.

Those tools are most of the time free of charges and all of the tools available in English are downloadable below.

To help you build and develop a successfull nutrition and health program: the hands-on guide to develop nutrition and health program

HandsOnFollowing the interesting results from a Danone Institute International study on the development, implementation and evaluation of nutrition and health programs (DINE), a dedicated guide has been developped.

This book is a guide for project leaders for the successful construction of health and nutrition programs for children.

It is based on a step-by-step methodology and is rich of examples from existing Danone Institutes health and nutrition programs.

 Discover and download the guide


Nutrition education tools for children


Different tools were developed by the Danone Institute International in collaboration with the Danone Nations Cup,  to educate about food and nutrition through games and experiences.

Feel free to download and use the many different tools.



Other education tools are available in other languages: visit the local DI websites where you may find dedicated tools in French, Spanish, Japan, Chinese, etc…