Nutrition research Prizes: local support

Nutrition research Prizes: local support

Supporting promising research and encouraging scientific work in nutrition are the primary ways in which the Danone Institutes advance scientific knowledge on the links between diet, nutrition and health.

PrizesupportThe Danone Institutes encourage research in human nutrition through credits, grants, awards, fellowships and scholarships awarded to students and researchers working in not-for-profit institutions.

Since their creation, the Danone Institutes have sponsored more than 900 different research support programs in 15 countries.

You will find below the actual opened calls for application as well as short presentation of the regular local supports. The rules (frequency, type of scientists, amount, and condition of application) are specific to each country and we invite you to contact your local Danone Institute to know more about their local research programs, grants or awards.

DI Morocco – Food and Health Research Award

With the ambition to develop and support any project in the field of health and food, the Danone Institute Morocco had launched in early 2021 a call for applications for the award of two research grants for doctors and researchers. The selection of the winning works was made by the scientific committee of the Institute.
DI Morocco - Award winner 2021 - Rkia Lbouhmadi et Zoubida Hoummane .

DI Morocco – Award winner 2021 – Rkia Lbouhmadi et Zoubida Hoummane

On December 3, 2021 in Marrakech, the Danone Institute Morocco announced the two winners of the Research grants of the 2020&2021 editions, on the sidelines of the 9th Congress of the Moroccan Society of Pediatric Infectiology and Vaccinology (SOMIPEV), held from December 3 to 5, 2021 in Marrakech. Worth 100 000 Dirhams each, the two grants aim to support and promote innovative research in the field of nutrition and feeding practices in Moroccan children. At the end of the jury’s deliberations, two winners were declared: Rkia Lbouhmadi and Zoubida Hoummane.

Rkia Lbouhmadi, from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Agadir, whose field of research is “Medical Biotechnology” was awarded for her project on the “Production of oils rich in DHA and EPA from microalgae to enrich the growth milk for infants“.

Zoubida Hoummane, from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ben Msik of Casablanca, Hassan II University, whose field of research is “Socio-anthropology and communication” was awarded for her project on “The influence of social networks on the socialization of children’s food: What specific roles for young parents?“.

DI Belgium – Research project support

In 2016, the DI Belgium has awarded 2 Prizes to support nutrition research in Belgium, for their contribution on research on gut microbiota and health.  In 2017, the DI Belgium has supported specific research projects on: “Contribution of dairy products – yogurts, fermented milk – to Human health”; “Intestinal microbiome and health” or “Impact of family meals or eating in groups on nutritional quality of meals or eating behaviors”.

For the 2018 edition, the DI Belgium supports the “best article”. The objective is to recognize a scientific publication for its content, comprehension and accessibility to a large audience.  

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DI China – Danone Institute China Diet Nutrition Research and Communication Grant

DI China supports research projects every year through the Danone Institute China Diet Nutrition Research and Communication Grant. The grants allows the support of 10 to 12 projects achieved within 1 to 2 years in China. Learn more about the prize and the previous laureates on DI China website.

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DI France – “Mode de vie, Alimentation et Nutrition”

DI France, in collaboration with the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, proposes every 2 years a call for application to support one to two research teams on a 2 years project on a dedicated subject. For call for application for the 2021 support has been closed in Nov. 2020, the dotation will support research projects over 2 years on the topic of  “lifestyles, diets and nutrition”. 

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DI Indonesia – Competitive Research Grants

DI Indonesia propose its Competitive Research Grants for doctorant students and researchers: Food, Nutrition, and Health related topics.

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DI Japan Foundation – Annual Scientific Research Support

Danone Institute of Japan Foundation (DIJF) annually supports scientific studies on food and nutrition, including studies to prevent various life-style related diseases, with the aim to promote and encourage researches on health and nutrition in Japan.  The 2019 call for application is closed since  July 31, 2018.

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DI North America – One Planet, One Health Initiative

Danone Institute North America, formerly called the Dannon Institute for Nutrition and Health, announces a request for proposals for its new One Planet. One Health Initiative. Danone Institute North America is an innovation center managed by Danone North America, a subsidiary of Danone, which has a mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible and a global vision of One Planet. One Health.  As a reflection of this vision, the goal of the One Planet. One Health Initiative is to foster transdisciplinary, community-based work to promote sustainable foods systems globally.

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DI Spain – Research Prizes in Nutrition, Food & Health

The DI Spain proposes several calls for application for Prizes and research supports in the field of nutrition, food and health, with several categories of Prizes : recognition of a scientific carreer, support of scientific communication and research project supports.


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