Publications on children’s healthy eating

Publication on Children’s healthy eating

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Nurturing Children’s Healthy Eating: Position statement – Appetite (2019)

Nurturing Children's healthy eating: position paperThe relationship between eating a healthy diet and positive health outcomes is well known; nurturing healthy
eating among children therefore has the potential to improve public health.

However, many parents struggle to establish healthy eating patterns in their children due to the pressures of modern life. Moreover, healthcare providers often do not have the time or the guidance they need to empower parents to establish healthy eating practices in their children.

Based on existing evidence from epidemiologic and intervention research, the Nurturing Children’s Healthy Eating collaboration, established by Danone Institute International, has identified key themes that encourage and support health eating practices among children in the modern Western world. This paper, published in April 2019 in Appetite, reviews the evidence leading to the characterization of these nurturing themes, and ways in which recommendations might be implemented in the home.

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Nurturing Children’s Healthy Eating: Empowering the role of families (2018)

Future global health depends on the health of today’s children. Those children who establish healthy eating and activity behaviours early in life are well-equipped to maintain their good health far into adult life.
Nurturing healthy habits in our children therefore offers a fantastic opportunity to make inroads into important public health concerns such as tackling the worldwide epidemic of overweight and obesity, and their associated health consequences.
With this in mind, Danone Institute International (DII) has joined forces with experts in the field to develop a unique perspective on the topic.
One of the outcome is this new document, which aims to set out the current evidence and lay the foundations for empowering families to nurture healthy eating habits among the children of the world.

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Exploring the role of family in nurturing healthy eating habits (2016)

Exploring the role of family in nurturingHealththabitsEating practices vary around the world and a strong body of empirical evidence has demonstrated that children’s dietary intake and eating behaviors are influenced by a multitude of interacting factors including community and society, family and home.

The symposium, organized by the Danone Institute International, during the 3rd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth, in March 2016, set out to consider the role of parental modelling and family meals within eating practices.

Discover now online the e-book, including contents of the conferences as well as interviews and graphics presents the synthesis of the symposium. 

A hands-on guide to develop nutrition and health program

HandsOnFollowing the interesting results from a Danone Institute International study on the development, implementation and evaluation of nutrition and health programs (DINE), a dedicated guide has been developped.

This book is a guide for project leaders for the successful construction of health and nutrition programs for children.

It is based on a step-by-step methodology and is rich of examples from existing Danone Institutes health and nutrition programs.

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