DIPA’s finalist: learn more about Montserrat Fito Colomer

Prof. Montserrat Fito Colomer is one of the finalist of the 3rd edition of the Danone International Prize for Alimentation for her projet “Yourdiet: a multimodal intervention for obesity management in young adults with a plant-based restrictive diet”

As young adults in particular are increasingly demanding more sustainable diet patterns so as to be more respectful with the planet, more evidence of plant-based diet on heathy weight-loss is required. Although vegetarian diets, and especially vegan ones, have shown a weight reduction effect, such benefits are attenuated over time. It is not easy to regularly follow a healthy plant-based diet given that we are living in an obesogenic environment, which favors an unhealthy Western-type diet.

The primary objective Montserrat FITO-COLOMER’s project is to establish the bases to encourage citizens from a young age to adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviors by making better choices for their well-being.

Her research team will design a European plant-based restrictive diet which will be palatable and sustainable in the long-term to treat obesity in young adults. Food availability, composition in different regions, culinary traditions, and chrono-nutrition will be considered to recommend a plant-based ovo-lacto-pesco diet.

The pilot study will establish the bases to adapt in the future a European plant-based MedD towards a personalized diet for specific genotype and phenotype features.

YOUrDiet presents a management and treatment for obesity from a broad multifactorial approach and an ovo-lacto-pesco diet will be designed for young adults who are increasingly demanding more environmentally sustainable regimes.

Montserrat Fito Colomer