DIPA’S Finalist: Learn more about Heather Eicher-Miller

Prof. Heather Eicher-Miller  is one of the finalist of the 3rd edition of the Danone International Prize for Alimentation for her projet improving food security, dietary intake, and health through integrated science and engineering approaches

Alimentation unites us but also makes salient profound differences based on income, race/ethnicity, sex, age and life-course, culture, and other characteristics and environments that create diversity and that contribute to disparities.

A focus on those who are alimentation-marginalized could serve to restore the rights of each individual to health and solve the human-made problem of food insecurity.

To these ends, the overarching research goal of Heather EICHER-MILLER and her team is to eliminate food insecurity and to ensure alimentation and healthful diets for all individuals regardless of diversifying characteristics, situations, and environments. To achieve those ambitious goals, she works by 1. investigating food environments and policies, 2. improving and creating new interventions, and 3. discovering and changing individual behaviors, and tailoring these aspects to the needs of diverse groups.

For Heather EICHER-MILLER, the unique attributes of various scientific and engineering perspectives offer new and creative tools to solve food insecurity.

Heather Eicher-Miller - DIPA 2023