A live expert panel on “Sustainable Diets”

Save the date for a live expert panel on sustainable diets on December 10th, 2020.

This open Q&A session with experts on sustainable diets will take place online via Zoom on

Thursday, December 10th, at

  • 9 AM CDT (Mexico City)
  • 10 AM EST (New York City)
  • 3 PM BST (UK)
  • 4 PM CET (France, Spain, Belgium)

and will be dedicated to the growing-in-popularity topic of sustainable diets.

Three worldwide guests who will co-host the event:

  • Pieter van’t Veer (the Netherlands), Professor in Nutrition, Public Health and Sustainability at Wageningen University, will shortly present his latest research on diet optimization through modeling. Then, he will answer questions from the public.
  • Sharon Donovan (US), Chair of the Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative, will open the event.
  • Azmina Govindji (UK), an expert nutritionist and dietitian, will animate the debate.

The registration is free of charge.

Registration and questions on yogurtinnutrition.com