Heather EicherMiller, DIPA Finalist

Dr. Eicher-Miller: laureate of the 3rd edition of DIPA

The Danone Institute International has the honor to announce that the 3rd edition of the Danone International Prize for Alimentation is awarded to Dr. Heather Eicher-Miller (Purdue University, USA) for her work on Improving food security, dietary intake and health through integrated science and engineering approaches.

Improving Food security, dietary intake and health

Dr. Eicher-Miller’s research is focused on food insecurity which affects 11% of US households and creates uncertainty regarding the availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods. Her work has documented immediate and chronic adverse dietary and health outcomes associated with food insecurity among diverse populations.

“Food insecurity is an unsolved problem, associated with poor dietary intake, health outcomes and shorter lifespans.” – Dr Heather Eicher-Miller

You have access to more information about the laureate on her dedicated page.

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Press release

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DIPA 2023 Press Release

DIPA 3rd edition Award – news release 



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