Yogurt in Nutrition website

Discover the all new yogurtinnutrition.com !

We have given it new life and refreshed it from the ground up so as to help you find the yogurt-related information you need.

  • Yogurtinnutrition.com uncovers scientific data related to yogurt, stimulates new research and identifies gaps in our understanding of the health effects of this food category. And you will find this information with in useful, tasty and creative ways in our new categories.
  • You will find plenty of content such as infographics, videos, reviews, tips, dossiers, slideshows, blog posts, symposium reports, interviews and much more… Every week, a fresh basket of content produced by YINI appears on the homepage, free for the picking.
  • Yogurtinnutrition.com is also an entertainment website dedicated to today’s passionate yogurt lovers. You will find detailed information and advice including unconventional how-tos, interviews, easy tips and even some classic recipe favorites, highlighted by bloggers and experts.

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