The Nutrigame is an educational game that teaches children about food groups and the food pyramid and challenges them with physical endurance.  The Nutrigame is best run with 20 to 30 Children on two different teams.  It is a collaborative team game that takes place on a giant mat with several different coloured circles. 

How to play

  • The participants are shown a poster of one food along with a poster of either the left or right foot or hand.
  • All participants must place the designated hand or foot on the correct colour of the food group corresponding to the food on the poster.
  • The children must avoid falling down while entangling themselves with their components on the mat.Nutrigame_onsite

The Danone Nations Cup intercultural food pyramid should be a reference for the children to assimilate foods to food groups.

The mat and posters included in this kit are large and require professional printing however the game may be adapted to the mat used for the traditional Twister® game.


Download the differents tools for the Nutrigame:

Nutrigame_howtoplay (pdf document)

FootArmCards (pdf files)

foodcard (zip files)

floor mat (pdf document)

Organized by

Danone Institute International, Danone Institute Spain for Danone Nations Cup