Guess that flavor

Guess that flavor

Taste stimulation is an extremely important part of early childhood development.  Exposing children to different tastes, as children will increase their preference for a wide variety of foods.

The objective of this activity is to use yogurt to create a fun activity for children that will stimulate their curiosity around food.  Yogurts with three different colours are presented to the children for tasting.  Each yogurt has a different flavour and a colour that does not match that of the natural fruit. Children guess the actual flavour of the yogurt, encouraging them to recognize and appreciate tastes, whilst avoiding the influence of the visual experience.

In this kit you will find an example of a poster that you can use or design yourself to illustrate the yogurts with mysterious flavours

How to do

  • Prepare the yogurts by the use of plain yogurt
  • You can colour and flavour yourself or through the use of white flavoured yogurts that you can colour yourself with a drop of food colouring.
  • For younger children, prepare some cards with the fruits on them which will make it easier for them to guess.

The concept of this activity can easily be adapted to several different foods or beverages, be creative!