Nutrition research prizes and support

Nutrition research and prizes: the support of the Danone Institutes

Supporting promising research and encouraging scientific work in nutrition are the primary ways in which the Danone Institutes advance scientific knowledge on the links between diet, nutrition, and health.

Nutrition research and prizes : the local actions 166539104

The local Danone Institutes encourage research in human nutrition through credits, grants, awards, fellowships and scholarships awarded to students and researchers working in not-for-profit institutions.

The Danone Institutes sponsor more than 20 different research support programs in 12 countries, the rules of which, i.e. frequency, type of scientists, amount, condition for application are specific to each country.

The Danone International Prize for Nutrition

DIPN_mondeAt the international level, the Danone Institute International organizes every two years, the Danone International Prize for Nutrition with the support of the French “Fondation Recherche Médicale”.

The Danone International Prize for Nutrition recognizes a researcher leading a major advancement in nutrition science, including new concepts and research fields with potential application for human diet and health.
The innovative research, including mechanisms, disease prevention and management, behavior, economics, public health, or expanding the frontiers of food science and nutrition, are within scope.
The Danone International Prize for Nutrition is 120 000 Euro, and is shared 50/50 between the laureate and his/her not-for-profit primary research institution. The Prize funds provided to the institution must be used to support nutrition research.

The previous laureates of the Danone International Prize for Nutrition

Since 1997, 10 laureates have already been awarded by the Danone International Prize for Nutrition for their work and achievements in the field of human nutrition and health.