Danone International Prize for Alimentation

The Danone International Prize for Alimentation

The Danone Institute International opens a new prize on Alimentation, to reward mid-career scientists for pioneering research.

The Danone International Prize for Alimentation (DIPA)

Called the Danone International Prize for Alimentation (DIPA), the award replaces the long-standing Danone International Prize for Nutrition. The DIPA will awarded every two years, by the Danone Institute International and the French Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM).

In a far-reaching initiative to achieve ground-breaking benefits to public health, this 100,000 Euro prize is being opened to mid-career researchers in the field.

It will reward pioneering research that spans multiple disciplines and represents a major advance in “Alimentation”. It concerns all practices relating to food, including food choice, purchase, preparation, cooking, and meal organization, and their determinants.

By supporting and encouraging the mid-career rising stars of the research community through the DIPA, the DII and the FRM aim to inspire innovative, multidisciplinary research that leads to strategies promoting sustainable healthy eating habits – hence improved global health.

Why a new Prize on “alimentation”, food and nutrition?

The DII and the FRM created the Danone International Prize for Nutrition (DIPN) in 1997 in a joint bid to raise the profile of nutrition sciences. Some 20 years on, nutrition has become firmly established as a vital area of research interest that has a profound impact on human health.

The next step is to explore avenues of research to develop effective healthy eating strategies. The DII and the FRM believe the most promising routes are those that stretch beyond messages identifying healthy foods.

Strategies need to take on board the fact that food does far more than merely fulfil a biological need. It also forms the basis of our identity and social interaction.

Hence the launch of the DIPA is in recognition of the need for novel and collaborative approaches. Those approaches should take account of the diverse influences on people’s food choices and eating habits: economic, social, psychological and cultural factors. Unravelling the relationships between these Alimentation factors and how they impact on public health requires researchers to build bridges between nutrition science and other disciplines.

DIPA Purpose

The purpose of the DIPA is to encourage and support cutting edge, innovative and multidisciplinary scientific research in Alimentation.  It concerns all practices relating to food, including food choice, purchase, preparation, cooking and meal organisation, and their determinants.

The award is intended to raise the profile of a mid-career researcher and accelerate his/her career, as well as help develop knowledge on the topic and inspire junior researchers.

The DIPA aims to:

  • advance understanding of Alimentation through cutting edge research
  • encourage and inspire pioneering approaches that integrate nutrition research into lifestyle, cultural and socio-economic aspects
  • boost collaboration between the different disciplines affecting nutrition, from anthropology to economics
  • support talented and highly motivated mid-career researchers whose work contributes to scientific excellence in the field of Alimentation.

Related key words: alimentation, healthy eating behaviors, public health, societal, behavioral, socio-anthropological approaches to food and nutrition, innovative collaborative and multidisciplinary, practices relating to food and their determinants.

2018 DIPA Rules

The 2018 DIPA calls for application is now closed, but if you are still interested and want to learn more, we invite you to download the DIPA 2018 Rules.