Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative

Yogurt in nutrition: initiative for a balanced diet

A unique partnership…

Logo-YINYogurt in nutrition: Initiative for a balanced diet is a multi-year scientific collaboration between the American Society for Nutrition, the International Osteoporosis Foundation and the Danone Institute International.


…to develop and share scientific knowledge on yogurt

The project aims to advance scientific knowledge on the health benefits of yogurt and to disseminate the findings bryogurtnutritionoadly. The mission of the project is to:

  • reveal scientific data related to yogurt
  • stimulate new research
  • identify gaps in our understanding of the health effects of this food category
  • share this information with professionals and the public

Yogurt in Nutrition: in practice

Yogurt in nutrition: Initiative for a balanced diet partnerships allows the development of many different initiatives:

Call for research proposals “Health benefits associated with yogurt consumption”

Every year the Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for a balanced diet (YINI) launches a Call for Research Proposals concerning a range of projects, focused on yogurt science. The competition is open to research teams from public research organizations or researchers at universities or hospitals. A grant of $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars) is available to support one application.

The call for appplication for the 2016 Call for YINI grant with research proposals targeting “Health benefits, associated with yogurt consumption” is now closed.

In 2015, YINI received and analyzed 19 applications from 16 different countries and decided to support the research project of Dr. Vicky Drapeau (Laval University, Canada) to examine the association between yogurt consumption, body weight and metabolic profile as a function of susceptibility to obesity in children and adolescents.

To learn more about the grant and the previous laureates

Conferences and global summits on the health effects of yogurt

Different symposia or summits are organized under the initiative of the YINI :

A dedicated website yogurtinnutrition.com

  • You will find plenty of content such as infographics, videos, reviews, publications,  slideshows, blog posts, symposium reports, interviews and much more…
  • Every week, a fresh basket of content produced by YINI appears on the homepage, free for the picking.
  • You will find detailed information and advices including unconventional how-tos, interviews, easy tips and even some classic recipe favorites, highlighted by bloggers and experts.

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